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Audio/Video/Lighting Installation

We offer audio, video and lighting systems customized to your space and fit to your budget.  Every room is different and every congregation is different.  We take the time to get to know your needs and space to design the system that will serve you and your church for years to come.

Audio/Video Production & Editing

We'd love to capture your event, service or music that reflects the work you put into it. We offer full video production to portray your mission.  We also offer music recording and production for your solo album, or band/team.  

Concert Crowd

Live Audio

Allow us to handle the live audio for your event or concert.  We have a variety of different sound systems that can handle a small, intimate environment to a large outdoor concert with several thousand people.  

Weekly & Monthly Tech Support

The area we're built upon.  A lot of times a small church doesn't have the budget to hire a tech person, but we're able to customize packages to have US be your tech team for a fraction of what you'd pay a part-time employee.  

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