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Advanced Ministry Technologies provides full technological support to churches and non-profits alike to give you the resources you need to move your ministry forward.  We provide audio, video, lighting, IT, website/social media support as well as several other services to give you the time to focus on your ministry and calling.  We want to provide you with more than a simple tech service.  Our desire is to partner alongside of you in ministry to accomplish the goals you have. 


Ryan Zimmer-Owner

When I was 16, I was the only high schooler in my church.  I WAS the youth group.  As a result, Sunday mornings I chose to teach the little kids Sunday school class.  This showed me the value of being involved with the church and, ever since, I've been active in ministry to some degree or another.  

Fast forward almost 20 years and I'm still involved in the church and I've also seen a lot of different ministries. A common theme is always limited resources among small to mid-size churches and ministries.  Many of these ministries have great missions, wonderful people, just a lack of resources. The other issue I've found is, especially in small churches, the pastor/director ends up having to take on way more roles than the direct ministry they were hired to do.   

Our focus with AMT is to provide those "large church" resources to everyone for a "small church" budget.  I've been blessed to be a part of several growing churches and I absolutely love seeing ministries thrive.  Our mission is to free up your time from the "other" stuff that is necessary to allow you to focus on your ministry and calling!

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